Alannah Tassone

Artist member since 2021
Toronto, Ontario

My name is Alannah Tassone and I am an abstract/contemporary artist living in Toronto, Canada. I started experimenting with resin, and acrylics in 2015, amongst other materials and my practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media. I am excited by colour and the way colour is defined in so many ways. I take an intuitive approach to colour and composition, allowing these two concepts to be at the forefront of the structure in which I create. I typically work with acrylic or oil on canvas, allowing spaces for other mediums such as oil pastel, if need be. Both the practice and my understanding of what I am creating is constantly changing. I consider myself an abstract expressionist, but also creating in a contemporary realm as well. I consider it my purpose to make art, to create context and conversation in my work. As I grow as an artist my goal is to create clear conversation surrounding topics of self awareness, and connecting with the world around us.


What places do you hang out in Toronto?

I really love small scale bars/restaurants like Bar Isabel or Giulietta for a cocktail and a relaxed evening with friends

When I'm not making art, I'm (a) ...

Researching other artists and the styles that they are working in, I am always so intrigued to see what sparks the interest of others in the art world

Why is art important to you?

Art is a form of expression, and a reflection of one's interpretation of the world around them mixed with their own stories, experiences and interests. By capturing one's expression you are capturing a part of their identity, and that is such an intimate space to be let into, I find a lot of value in that.

When did you start making art, and why?

I started making art in 2015, because of what I realized it was doing for my psyche, my energy, my heart and to those around me. It was one of the few things that felt absolute. Art gave me purpose and allowed me to explore the world of creativity, which knows no bounds. It was an incredibly exciting experience tapping into my own self expression.

What artists do you admire right now?

Right now I am loving the work of Danny Fox, an LA Based contemporary artist whose story really helped free me from some creative roadblocks. His style of painting reminded me that there is no such thing as a perfect piece, that what matters most is the story and the intention, and ultimately that the artist has the space to document their emotions or memories in any way that speaks to them most.

What do you listen to when you work?

Two of my favourite Spotify Playlists to listen to while I paint are "70s soul classics" and "Tin Pan Alley"

Select Past Exhibitions

Defacto Gallery, Hamilton
Tides of Electricity


Toronto, Ontario
Triptych Toronto Online Virtual Art Auction


McMaster University
Social Science


Ryerson University
Languages and Intercultural Relations


OCAD University
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Drawing and Painting

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